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Step 1: Setup

Place two teleposers in world. They should be a reasonable distance apart (at least 16 blocks or so, otherwise they will fight over an enderpearl later). The distance maximum is unlimited, but you need to ensure both chunks are chunk loaded where applicable. Teleposers do not work across dimensions.

Step 2: Charge

Attach electrotine power to each teleposers. They draw quite a bit of power. They will turn blue when charged. Each teleport will drain both teleposers (subject to change).

Step 3: Link

You will need 2 enderpearls. Tossing the item (with Q) one on top of a charged teleposer will infuse it. You will need 2 enderpearls to be infused (one with one teleposer, and one with the other). Once you have them, toss them (with Q) on to the opposite teleposer that infused them. The two machines will now be linked.

Step 4: Teleport

Each teleport requires 1 enderpearl. Simply throw (with right click) an enderpearl towards one of the teleposers. The enderpearl will be trapped in an orbit, and after a short time, the teleposer will teleport the enderpearl a few blocks above the second teleposer. Once it falls, the player will be teleported, as per standard enderpearl mechanics.

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Tested and works ... Thank you :D ! If you don't like to create/rebuild the article (I can understand that ^^), then I will do this. But it would be nice if I could write the pseudonym of the discoverer in the references below the article ;) .... if you like. And if you have more good stuff, then you are always welcome to edit pages :) !--LuminousLizard de-native / "en-2" (talk) 08:33, 6 March 2016 (UTC)