Tank (Charset)

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This page is about the Tank added by Charset. For other uses, see Tank.

TypeSolid block
Required modulesstorage.tanks
Blast resistance3
Liquid storage16,000 mB

The Tank is a block added by Charset. It can store 16,000 mB, or 16 Buckets, of fluid. Right-clicking it with a filled fluid storage item will move the fluid in the storage device into the Tank, and right-clicking it with an empty fluid storage device will move the fluid from the Tank into the item.

The Tank will automatically transport its liquid to a Tank under it, if one exists.

The Tank has Redstone Comparator support. When measuring it, the Redstone Comparator will emit a signal proportional to how full the Tank is. For example, a full tank will yield a full 15 signal strength from the Redstone Comparator, and an empty tank will yield no signal.

Recipe[edit | edit source]


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