Tank Extender

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Tank Extender

ModGregTech 6
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textRelays Tanks
Cannot be attached to other Extenders!
Blast resistance6.0

The Tank Extender is a block added by GregTech 6 that expands the surface size of any blocks from any mods with a Forge fluid tank, including but not limited to GregTech machines, fluid tanks, fluid pipes, and Cauldrons. It essentially turns any singleblock machine into a multiblock structure so that it has more sides to interact with pipes.



The Tank Extender works exactly the same way as the Inventory Extender, except it redirects Forge fluids instead of items.


Most fluid pipes, including GregTech ones try to evenly distribute the fluid across connected pipes with no priority on the destination. This can be problematic when two or more streams of fluids are to be merged because they tend to get stuck at the joining point without flowing at a constant rate even if the pipe has enough bandwidth for the merged stream. The problem can be solved by using the Tank Extender at the joining point instead of a pipe, as the extender can be used as a one-way pipe.