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Tech World 2

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Tech World 2
Tech World 2.png
Maintained byThe FTB Team
A collection of the best technological mods Minecraft has to offer
Version info
Current stable1.1.7

Tech World 2 is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack created by the FTB Team. It is the sequel to the Tech World modpack by the FTB Modpack Team. This pack contains no magical themed mods, and only technologically themed mods. It has a twin modpack called Magic World 2, which is the polar opposite. The changelog can be found on Confluence.

Mods included[edit | edit source]

Alternate Terrain Generation 0.9.3
Applied Energistics 14.finale3
ArmorStatusHUD 1.1.5
Backpacks 1.28.37
Biomes O' Plenty
BiblioCraft 1.5.5
Big Reactors 0.3.3A
BuildCraft 4.2.2
bspkrsCore 5
CoFH Core
Compact Solar Arrays
ComputerCraft 1.58
denLib 3.1.35
DenPipes 2.1.18
DragonAPI 23b
Emasher Resource
Engineer's Toolbox
Enhanced Portals 3 3.0.0.b3b
EVOC 1.0.0a
Extra Bees 1.8.0
Extra Trees 1.8.0
Extra Utilities 1.0.5
Factorization 0.8.29
Forge Multipart
GateCopy 3.1.4
Hopper Ducts 1.2.2
iChun Util 2.4.0
IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.354 Experimental
Inventory Tweaks 1.56.b77
Iron Chests
JABBA 1.1.3
JourneyMap 3.1.0
MobiusCore 1.2.1
Modular Powersuits 0.10.0-91
Modular Powersuits Addons 886
MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.9-final
NEI Addons 1.99.4.r51
NEI Plugins
IC2 Nuclear Control 1.6.2e
Numina 0.1.2-55
OpenBlocks 1.2.5
OpenMods Lib 0.2
OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1.1
OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.1
OPIS 1.2.2
PortalGun 2.0.2
Power Converters 2.4.0.pre3
PowerCrystals Core 1.1.8-9
ReactorCraft 23c
RemoteIO 3.4.01
RotaryCraft 23b
Simply Jetpacks
StatusEffectHUD 1.1.9
Steve's Carts 2.0.0.b11
Thermal Expansion
Tinkers' Construct
Tinkers' Construct Tooltips 1.1.6
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.6
WAILA 1.5.2a
XACT 0.4.3
Zan's Minimap 1.6.4

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