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This template is a hatnote template placed commonly on the top of articles, linking users to articles with similar titles or concept that they have been looking for.

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: The use of this page.
  • 2: (Default: other uses) The use of the similar page.
  • 3: (Default: {{PAGENAME}}) The disambiguation page or other page.


Code Result
This page is about USE1. For other uses, see About.
This page is about USE1. For other uses, see PAGE.
This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE.


The default value for the 3rd parameter is {{PAGENAME}} because disambiguation pages used to be in the format {{PAGENAME}} (Disambiguation) with this being the old value. This format is now obsolete, as disambiguation pages are simply just the name while the different use pages have paranthesis with info denoting the disambiguation. This 3rd parameter should be changed every time.

See also

  • {{Credit}} creates a hatnote giving credit to the original author of an article.
  • {{Main}} creates a hatnote linking to the main page of a section.
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