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Template:Alphabetical category list

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By letter – [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=A}} A] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=B}} B] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=C}} C] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=D}} D] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=E}} E] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=F}} F] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=G}} G] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=H}} H] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=I}} I] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=J}} J] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=K}} K] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=L}} L] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=M}} M] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=N}} N] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=O}} O] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=P}} P] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=Q}} Q] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=R}} R] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=S}} S] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=T}} T] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=U}} U] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=V}} V] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=W}} W] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=X}} X] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=Y}} Y] [{{fullurl:Category:{{{1}}}|from=Z}} Z]

Template-info.png Documentation

This provides a set of links to a category sorted alphabetically (A-Z).

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: The category to link to.
  • styles: (Optional) Additional styles to apply to the list.

Examples[edit source]

{{Alphabetical category list|Mods}} produces: By letter – A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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