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This template provides an easy wrapper for the table entries in List of saplings compatible with Bonsai Trees.

Additional drops can be added to the end outside of the template, because it only provides a single table row.

Parameters[edit source]

  • tree: The base name of the tree. This will be used for the saplings, leaves, and log grids.
  • mod: The abbreviation for the mod.
  • stick: (Optional) If provided, replaces the default Minecraft stick with this item from the provided mod.
  • log: (Optional) If provided, replaces the default log drop with this item from the provided mod.

Example[edit source]

{| class="wikitable"
! Sapling !! Possible drops
{{Bonsai Trees standard TreeType|mod=V|tree=Oak}}
{{Bonsai Trees standard TreeType|mod=V|tree=Birch|stick=Bone}}
{{Bonsai Trees standard TreeType|mod=BOP|tree=Ebony}}{{Gc|mod=V|dis=false|desc=&7Drop chance: 10%|Cobblestone}}


Sapling Possible drops




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