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Template:Cg/GregTech 6/Bath

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Time: 0 ticks
Template-info.png Documentation

This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the GregTech 6 Bath GUI.

See {{Gc}} for grid usage and {{Cg}} for crafting grid usage, this page will only cover cell names and additional information.

Parameters[edit source]

Time: 0 ticks
  • 1, I1: (Optional) Input.
  • 2, I2: (Optional) Input.
  • 3, I3: (Optional) Input.
  • 4, I4: (Optional) Input.
  • 5, I5: (Optional) Input.
  • 6, I6: (Optional) Input.
  • 7, I7: (Optional) Input.
  • 8, O1: (Optional) Output.
  • 9, O2: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O3: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O4: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O5: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O6: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O7: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O8: (Optional) Output.
  • 10, O9: (Optional) Output.
  • Secs or Ticks: (Optional) Time per operation in seconds or ticks. Specify the time unit in the value only when using {{S}}.

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