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This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the GregTech 6 Canning Machine GUI.

See {{Gc}} for grid usage and {{Cg}} for crafting grid usage, this page will only cover cell names and additional information.


Time: 0 ticks
Power: 1
Tier: 16 GU
Usage: 16 GU/t
Costs: 0 GU
  • 1, I1: (Optional) Input.
  • 2, I2: (Optional) Input.
  • 3, I3: (Optional) Input.
  • 4, O1: (Optional) Output.
  • 5, O2: (Optional) Output.
  • 6, O3: (Optional) Output.
  • Costs: (Optional) Energy per operation.
  • Usage: (Optional) Energy per tick.
  • Tier: (Optional) Energy per packet.
  • Power: (Optional) Packets per tick.
  • Secs or Ticks: (Optional) Time per operation in seconds or ticks. Specify the time unit in the value only when using {{S}}.

Note: If only one set of energy values are needed, Usage and Costs do not need to be specified. They will be automatically calculated from Tier, Power, and Time. However, if more than one set of values are needed (and/or {{S}} is used), Usage and Costs will need to be specified.

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