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Altar power 0
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This template provides a crafting grid for in-world circle magic from Witchery.


  • 1: (Optional) Set to heart for a heart glyph to display in the center. Set to any and skip the second, third, and fourth parameters to specify it allows for any circles.
  • 2: (Optional) The glyph type for the 7x7 circle.
  • 3: (Optional) The glyph type for the 11x11 circle.
  • 4: (Optional) The glyph type for the 15x15 circle.
  • title: The title of this ritual.
  • F1–9: Foci items to display in the list of foci items. Using normal wikilinks is recommended.
  • power: (Defaults to 0) The amount of power this circle rite requires.
  • desc: The description of the ritual from the Witchcraft: Circle Magic book.

Glyph type parameter values


{{Cg/Witchery circle
|title=Curse of Waking Nightmare
|desc=Perform in a storm.
|F1=[[Taglock Kit]]
|F2=[[Exhale of the Horned One]]
|F3=[[Mellifluous Hunger]]
|F4=[[Tormented Twine]]
|F5=[[Brew of the Grotesque]]





Curse of Waking Nightmare

Perform in a storm.

> Taglock Kit
> Exhale of the Horned One
> Mellifluous Hunger
> Tormented Twine
> Brew of the Grotesque
> Diamond

Altar power 10000