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This template adds an inline note that a piece of text in an article is unclear and needs to be clarified. It adds the article to Category:Pages with clarity issues. It links to Wikipedia:Please clarify.

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: (Optional) The text that needs clarification. If this is omitted, it is assumed that the preceding statement– or sentence if placed at the very end of a sentence– is the unclear text, so you should only use this when multiple statements lack clarity.

Examples[edit source]

Single unclear bit:

Text preceding the template, unclear text{{clarify}}, text following the template.


Text preceding the template, unclear text[clarify], text following the template.

Multiple unclear bits:

Text preceding the template, {{clarify}}|unclear text, text following the template.}}


Text preceding the template, unclear text, text following the template.[clarify]

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