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Template:Infobox frame

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Template-info.png Documentation

This template creates an infobox for frames, used in Forestry's apiaries and alvearies.

Parameters[edit source]

A blank infobox is provided on the right for quicker reference, the infobox will be collapsed on actual articles.
Mod [[{{{mod}}}|{{{mod}}}]]
Durability {{{durability}}}
Production chance {{{prodchance}}}%
Mutation chance {{{mutchance}}}%
Lifetime {{{lifetime}}}%
Teritory {{{territory}}}%
  • name: The name of the frame.
  • mod: The mod that adds the frame (Forestry/Extra Bees/Thaumic Bees).
  • imageicon: (Optional) The imageicon of the frame.
  • durability: (Optional) The durability of the frame.
  • prodchance: (Optional) The increase or decrease in production chance of the frame.
  • mutchance: (Optional) The increase or decrease in mutation chance of the frame.
  • lifetime: (Optional) The increase or decrease in lifetime of the bees using this frame.
  • territory: (Optional) The percentage of territory the bee uses with this frame.

Example[edit source]

{{Infobox frame
| name = Ice
| mod = Forestry
| imageicon = {{Gc|Ice|mod=V|dis=false}}
| durability = 9001
| prodchance = 1000
| mutchance = 1000
| lifetime = -1000
| territory = -1000



Mod Forestry
Durability 9001
Production chance 1000%
Mutation chance 1000%
Lifetime -1000%
Teritory -1000%