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Lua logo.svg This template uses Module:Infobox, with data stored in Module:Infobox/pack.
These scripts are written in Lua. Please see wikipedia:wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template is used to create an info box that aligns to the right side of the article it is embedded in. It has been specifically designed for Mod Pack articles.

Parameters[edit source]

A blank infobox is provided on the right for quicker reference, the infobox will be collapsed on actual articles.
Maintained by{{{maintainer}}}
Modpack code{{{code}}}
Version info
Current stable{{{stableversion}}}
  • name: The name of the mod pack.
  • image: A picture used to identify the mod pack. Use the complete filename, like "Block sand.png".
  • maintainer: The current maintainer of the mod pack.
  • code: The modpack's code on the FTB launcher.
  • description: The description of the mod pack.
  • stableversion: The currently stable version of the mod pack.
  • latestversion: The latest version of the mod pack.
  • mcversion: The version of Minecraft the mod pack uses.
  • forgeversion: The version of Forge the mod pack uses.

Examples[edit source]

{{Infobox pack
Maintained byXbony2
Version info
Current stable1.1.0a
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