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Lua logo.svg This template uses Module:Infobox, with data stored in Module:Infobox/software.
These scripts are written in Lua. Please see wikipedia:wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template is used to create an info box that aligns to the right side of the article it is embedded in. This one is for non-mod software.

Parameters[edit source]

A blank infobox is provided on the right for quicker reference, the infobox will be collapsed on actual articles.
Current developers{{{author}}}
Past developers{{{pastauthor}}}
Latest version{{{version}}}
Written in{{{proglangs}}}
Operating systems{{{os}}}
Depends on{{{deps}}}
Source[{{{source}}} Link]
Issues[{{{issues}}} Link]
Documentation[{{{docs}}} Link]
Website[{{{url}}} Link]
  • name: The title that will be displayed at the top of the info box.
  • image: The big picture. Use the complete filename, like "Block sand.png".
  • author: Current author or authors of the software. Separate multiple authors by commas.
  • pastauthor: Previous author(s) of the software.
  • version: The current software version.
  • status: The current status of the project. Can be any of the following. Anything else will add the page to a list of pages with type errors.
    • abandoned: Abandoned
    • active: Active
    • discontinued: Discontinued
    • planned: Planned
    • stalled: Stalled
    • unmaintained: Unmaintained
  • proglangs: The programming languages that it is written in. Should be a link to a Wikipedia article if possible. Separate multiple languages by commas.
  • os: Supported operating systems. Should be Wikipedia links if possible. Avoid vague descriptors such as Cross-Platform. Separate multiple systems by commas.
  • deps: Non-standard external dependencies, such as Atom or a Ruby Gem.
  • license: The software's license. Should be a Wikipedia article, unless it is a license specific to Minecraft, such as the Modded Minecraft Public License.
  • source: The source code repository.
  • issues: The issue tracker.
  • docs: The official documentation for the software. This is mostly specific to APIs and such.
  • url: URL to the software's main page. Can be a dedicated forum thread or website.

Examples[edit source]

{{Infobox software
|author=That one dude
|pastauthor=That one dude that sucks
|proglangs=[[WP:Ruby (programming language)|Ruby]], [[WP:C++|C++]]
|os=[[WP:Microsoft Windows|Microsoft Windows]], [[WP:OS X|OS X]]
|deps=[[WP:Atom (text editor)|Atom]]
|license=[[WP:MIT License|MIT License]]
Current developersThat one dude
Past developersThat one dude that sucks
Latest version1.0.0
Written inRuby, C++
Operating systemsMicrosoft Windows, OS X
Depends onAtom
LicenseMIT License
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