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Lists all the bees, which can directly product this product.

Definition[edit source]

  • name: Name of the product.
  • mod: Sets the item mod. You should use the mod abbreviation as defined in Module:Mods/list.
  • modlink: Changes the link of the Produce. Automatically set to "none" (no link; assumes Produce template is applied on the page about the item).

Example[edit source]




Bee Base Chance Specialty

Fruity Bee
N/A no

Ripening Bee
N/A no

Sugary Bee
N/A no

Sweetened Bee
N/A no

Valiant Bee
N/A no

Note: The N/A in the example above will produce the correct values when used in the actual pages.

See also[edit source]

  • {{Branch}} Lists all members of the specified branch of bees.
  • {{Comb}} Lists the bees that produce the specified comb and its output in a Centrifuge.