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Template-info.png Documentation

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: Tooltip title.
  • 2: (Optional) Tooltip description/flavour text/lore.
  • parentclass: (Optional) Parent element class.

Usage[edit source]

A script displays the tooltip when the user hovers over the element this template is placed in. If JS isn't available, a standard browser tooltip with no formatting or description is shown.

This template doesn't output a HTML element, rather it outputs attributes which are are placed in a HTML element.

Standard formatting codes can be used in the tooltip (prefixed with & rather than §, and the description can also use / to insert line breaks. All special characters (&, \, /) can be escaped by prefixing them with a \, including the backward slash itself.

Following newlines (/), previous formatting codes persist.

Examples[edit source]

<div {{Tooltip|Title|Some flavour text}} style="width:100px; height:100px; background-color:darkgrey">Parent container</div>


Parent container
{{Tooltip|&b&oIron Sword|&7Smite V/Fire Aspect I//&9+6 Attack Damage}}


Parent container
|&nMinecraft Formatting
&00 &11 &22 &33/
&44 &55 &66 &77/
&88 &99 &aa &bb/
&cc &dd &ee &ff/
&rk &kMinecraft/
&rl &lMinecraft/
&rm &mMinecraft/
&rn &nMinecraft/
&ro &oMinecraft/
&rr &rMinecraft/
Escaping: \\ \/ \&0


Parent container
{{Tooltip|&nMinecraft Formatting|&5Some text/Some other text}}


Parent container