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TypeSolid block

The Terrain Scanner is a block added by the Scanner mod, and is used to generate various chunks of terrain in void worlds. It takes a configurable amount of Redstone Flux to run and can be manipulated using Dimensional Cores and Biome Scanners of the Ultimate tier.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Place the Terrain Scanner down, connect it to a power source and right-click it to open the GUI. The player can set its speed from 1 block per second to (by default) 8 blocks per second. Keep in mind that it will also incur a higher power cost with faster generation. With just the Terrain Scanner, clicking "Turn on" will start building a chunk in the 16x128x16 area exactly one block diagonal to the Terrain Scanner in the +X, +Z directions. It will show the end block of the building and the current block it is working on.

It will also prompt the player to place an adjacent ultimate tier Biome Scanner in order to display a map, though this remains entirely optional.

Addons[edit | edit source]

The Scanner mod also adds two sorts of Addon blocks that can be placed next to the Terrain Scanner to change the way it works:

  • The Ultimate Tier Biome Scanner can be placed adjacent to the Terrain Scanner (it needs no power) in order to enable Remote Building—a Show Map button will appear in the Terrain Scanner GUI which when clicked it will open up a special variation of the Biome Scanner GUI—the Remote Building GUI. It shows the cost to construct a remote chunk at a certain chunk in the Biome Scanner's range which can also be selected for building. A "Remote Start" line will also appear in the Terrain Scanner main GUI showing the chunk coordinates that it will build, and clicking "Turn On" will make the Terrain Scanner build a chunk at that location.
  • End, Nether, and Overworld Dimensional Cores can be placed adjacent to the Terrain Scanner in order to manipulate the sort of chunk that it will build: by default, it will build Overworld chunks in the Overworld and non-Vanilla dimensions, Nether chunks in the Nether, and End chunks in the End. Placing a Dimensional Core next to the Terrain Scanner will override that and will cause the Terrain Scanner to build according to the type of the Core.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

May or may not work with Ender IO power: in some cases, connecting any Ender IO power source to any Scanner device will fail to transfer power and behave as if the power source is not connected. This can be remedied by using an intermediate buffer from another mod.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Like all Scanner mod blocks, this block has no recipe and has to be added by another means, like CraftTweaker.