Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate

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Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate
Terrestial Agglomeration Plate.png

TypeMultiblock machine
Required blocks



The Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate is a block and a structure added by Botania. Its only use is crafting Terrasteel.

When a single Manasteel Ingot, Mana Diamond and Mana Pearl are dropped on the center of the structure, the crafting process will begin and the plate block will start accepting Mana. While Mana can be provided with Mana Spreaders, the Lexica Botania recommends using Sparks for much higher transfer rates. If any item is dropped on, picked up, or despawns from the Plate while crafting is ongoing, all progress will be lost and consumed Mana will not be recovered.

Once the Plate receives 500,000 Mana the three items will be turned into a single Terrasteel Ingot.

Right-clicking the plate block with the components will drop them onto the plate.

Recipe[edit | edit source]