Thaumaturge's Robe (Thaumcraft 3)

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This page is about the Thaumaturge's Robe from Thaumcraft 3. For other uses, see Thaumaturge's Robe.
Thaumaturge's Robe

ModThaumcraft 3
Armor rating3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg)

The Thaumaturge's Robe is a body armor added by Thaumcraft 3. Its armor rating is the same as a Leather Tunic, and it's crafted with Enchanted Fabric. However, it has a very high durability, and if you use a wand while wearing it, 2% of the vis cost of the cast is discounted. This also applies to wands in e.g. an Infusion Table.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

  • NOTE: The armor is crafted in an ARCANE WORKTABLE, not a CRAFTING TABLE.
  • NOTE: The vis cost is 50.