Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

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Thaumcraft Mob Aspects
Current developersParker8283
Past developersiguana_man, XanderGryphon, Lycaon
Latest version2A
Latest Minecraft version1.7.10
Depends onThaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft Mob Aspects is a Thaumcraft 4 addon originally by iguana_man, XanderGryphon, and Lycaon, now maintained officially by Parker8283. Thaumcraft Mob Aspects adds Thaumcraft Aspects to creatures from the Twilight Forest, Lycanite's Mobs, Special Mobs, and Mo' Creatures mods. As of the 1.7 update, the config file is able to let the user add any aspects to any mobs from any mod they desire to.

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