Thaumic Bases

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Thaumic Bases 1
Modicon Thaumic Bases.jpg
Current developersModbder
Latest version2.1.189.32
Depends onThaumcraft 4
DummyCore v.1.10

Thaumic Bases 1 (more commonly known as just Thaumic Bases) is an addon for Thaumcraft 4 created by Modbder. It is a large mod that adds many recipes including:

  • Crucible recipes including:
    • significantly increasing shard output from infused stone
    • Uncrafting resources
    • Creating Amber and Quicksilver from renewable resources
  • Easier access to Knowledge Fragments
  • Plants that produce originally nonrenewable resources such as Redstone and Iron
    • Plant that provides slow but steady source of
  • Node manipulation
  • The Thaumaturge's Revolver
  • Tobacco
  • More wand rods, foci, and caps

Known issues[edit | edit source]

  • If Witching Gadgets is installed alongside Thaumic Bases there will be a recipe conflict between the two mods' Void Metal Block. This issue can be avoided by using NoMoreRecipeConflict.

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