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This page is a translated version of the page TheDragonTeam and the translation is 26% complete.

Template:Infobox author/tl-b TheDragonTeam is a group of people who develop several mods and projects, including ArmorPlus and TheDragonLib.

TheDragonTeam was created on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

ᜆᜎᜀᜈ᜔ ᜅ᜔ ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔

Name Role Position
Moritz30 Coder, Translator CEO, Core Team
sokratis12GR Coder, Translator SEO, Core Team
KewaiiGamer Coder, Translator Public Relations, Core Team
ImmortalPharaoh7 Translator Core Team
Douggie1999 Coder, Social Media Manager Core Team
Rushmead Coder Core Team
ExodusEarth Mascot HydraZone
FTB_lag Translator ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔
Epiic_Thundercat Coder ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔
ADeathlyTouch Coder ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔
Taco Mundu Coder ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔
C2W_Alex Coder ᜃᜏᜄᜈ᜔
PotatoSauceVFX Coder Member
XavierDD1st Artist ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔
Benson371 Social Media Manager ᜃᜄᜏᜈ᜔

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