The Enhanced Vat

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The Enhanced Vat

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textUsed to brew EnderIO fluids
Previous tier
RF useBase: 45 RF/t
RF storageBase: 1,500,000 RF

The Enhanced Vat is a block added by Ender IO. It is a refinery-like machine that can produce various Liquids by combining 2 items and a fluid.

This machine is an upgraded version of The Vat, offering increased energy storage and power use, resulting in higher processing speeds. However, it has a downside: being 1.5 blocks high, it requires more vertical space; additionally, pipes and other automation cannot interact with the half block on its top side, making automation more difficult.

Like most Ender IO machines, The Enhanced Vat requires at least a Basic Capacitor to be installed to function. Better capacitors increase the machine's maximum energy usage rate and thus processing speed, as well as the internal energy buffer.

Recipes[edit | edit source]