The Spice of Life

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The Spice of Life
Current developerssqueek502
Latest version1.3.0
IRC channel#squeekconnect

The Spice of Life is a mod by squeek502 designed around tweaking the Vanilla Minecraft hunger mechanics. This mod encourages players to have a variety in their diet, by decreasing the amount of hunger units restored each time a food item is eaten. In other words, this mod makes it so that eating the same food item repeatedly will give smaller hunger point restoration each time. This mod is very heavily configurable, making almost everything a variable. Configuration must happen server-side. It is compatible with Hunger Overhaul. With this mod installed, the debug window (F3) will display saturation and hunger values. Below is what the tooltips of food items appear as, as well as a graph showing the nutritional value vs. the amount recently eaten.

Spice Tooltip.png

Spice Graph.png