Titan Beetle

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Titan Beetle

ModThe Erebus
TypeHostile monster
Health points60 (Heart.svg × 30) (Wild or Bred)
80 (Mob Heart.svg × 40) (Tamed)

The Titan Beetle is a hostile mob added by The Erebus. It is also the largest Beetle. It is only found in the Elysian Fields. It has 60 (Heart.svg × 30) health points and does more damage than the Rhinoceros Beetle, although it is unable to inflict the Slowness effect on enemies and cannot knock players into the air.

When killed, it drops 1-3 Exoskeleton Plates.

Taming[edit | edit source]

It can be tamed using a Beetle Taming Amulet, but is difficult to do in practice because it attacks the player when they approach it. It is recommended that the player is at a high enough vantage point just out of attack range but still within the Amulet's reach.

When successfully tamed, the Beetle's maximum health increases to 80 (Mob Heart.svg × 40) health points. It can be healed by being fed Bamboo Shoots.

If the player manages to tame the beetle, they can add a Beetle Riding Kit onto the beetle by right-clicking while holding it. The Riding Kit is a Saddle that allows the player to mount and control the beetle. To mount the beetle, right-click the mob; to dismount, sneak off of it ("Shift" by default).

When ridden, the beetle can climb up 1 block-high steps, though unlike the Rhinoceros Beetle, it cannot climb walls.

Unlike the Rhinoceros Beetle, it does not have the Ram ability.

Breeding[edit | edit source]

Titan Beetles can be bred using Turnips, as well as being attracted to them in which they will follow the player when held. The Beetle Larva produced has two horns on its head, and after some time, matures into a Titan Beetle. It will be already tamed but will only have 60 (Heart.svg × 30) health points.