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This page is about the Toad added by Mubble. For other uses, see Toad.
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Technical details
Registry nametoad

The Toad is a creature entity added by Mubble. It spawns in Plains, Mushroom Fields, Mushroom Field Shore and Sunflower Plains. Upon dying, it drops Yellow Coins, Red Coins, Peaches, Super Mushrooms or a Super Star.
Toads like to walk around, even at the night time. Generally, they wander aimlessly and stare at other toads, players and chickens. They also run, afraid of horses. Toads will also follow players holding Super Mushrooms, Peaches or Super Stars.

It first appeared in Super Mario Bros. (1985).

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History[edit | edit source]

Version history
1.0Toad (Mubble).png Added Toad.