Torment (Item)

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This page is about the Torment item, or scroll. For the Torment dimension, see Torment.

Tooltip textRead this text in a circle
of standing stones. Beware its explosive entrance.

The Torment is an item from the Witchery mod. It is also referred to as a Torment Scroll, but this is not accurate to the in-game name. It is used to summon a Lord of Torment. The Torment Scroll is obtained from a Flame Imp by giving it valuable items and treating it well. It is a very rare gift from the imp, and should not be expected to be obtained quickly. The user must be infused and have about half of their power bar full before they are able to use the scroll. It can only be performed in the center of a Stone Circle.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Hold the use key as defined in the controls menu. It will only work while in the center of a Stone Circle landmark. It will slowly drain the infusion power bar until it is slightly over half, and an explosion will occur. When this explosion occurs, the Lord of Torment will spawn and begin attacking the player.