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Mod Totemic
Width 1
Height 6
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The Totem is a multiblock structure added by Totemic. It is made by using a Totem Whittling Knife on any vanilla log or Red Cedar Log placed in the game world.

Types of Totem[edit | edit source]

Using the Totem Whittling Knife you can make various types of totems:

Totems can be a maximum of 6 logs high and this MUST include a totem base, this gives the totems a maximum of 5 buffs each.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Buffs for the totem work up to a 5 block radius and can be enhanced (with the exception of Bat, Ocelot and Spider) by stacking more of the same totem on top of each other.

  • Bat - Negates fall damage and lets you jump further when you sneak in mid-air
  • Blaze - Gives the player Fire Resistance
  • Buffalo - Gives the player Haste
  • Cow - Gives the player Resistance but also Slowness
  • Enderman Gives the player Night vision
  • Horse - Gives the player Speed
  • Ocelot - Prevents Creepers from exploding
  • Pig - Gives the player Luck
  • Rabbit - Gives the player Jump Boost
  • Spider - Lets players climb walls
  • Squid - Gives the player Water Breathing
  • Wolf - Gives the player Strength