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ModPractical Logistics 2
Technical details
Registry namepracticallogistics2:transceiver

The Transceiver is an item added by Practical Logistics 2. It servers as a wireless version of the Node and is used to connect blocks to a network wirelessly. It can also be used in the creation of Wireless Storage Readers.

To connect a block to a network wirelessly, shift-right click on the block while holding a Transceiver. There should then be a message in chat saying "Saved Position". The Transceivers tooltip will also update, listing the name of the block it is linked to, the coordinates of the block, and the side it is facing. To insert the data into the network, place the Transceiver inside an Array that is connected to the network.

Transceivers have an infinite range and can transfer data across any dimension.

Recipe[edit | edit source]