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Crafting grid templates

Template name Machine name Mod name
{{Cg/Alloy Furnace}} Alloy Furnace RedPower 2
{{Cg/Alloy Smelter}} Alloy Smelter GregTech
{{Cg/Arcane Worktable}} Arcane Worktable Thaumcraft 4
{{Cg/Assembler}} Assembling Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Assembling Machine}} DEPRECATED Assembling Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Assembly Table}} Assembly Table BuildCraft
{{Cg/Automatic Canning Machine}} DEPRECATED Automatic Canning Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Automatic Wiremill}} DEPRECATED Automatic Wiremill GregTech
{{Cg/Blast Furnace}} Blast Furnace IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Block Cutting Machine}} Block Cutting Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Bottling Plant}} Bottling Plant IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Brewing Machine}} Brewery GregTech
{{Cg/Bronze Blast Furnace}} Bronze Blast Furnace GregTech
{{Cg/Canning Machine}} Current Canning Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Canning Machine/Legacy}} Old Canning Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Canning Machine/GregTech}} Canning Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Carpenter}} Carpenter Forestry
{{Cg/Centrifuge}} Centrifuge Forestry
{{Cg/Centrifuge/GregTech}} Centrifuge GregTech
{{Cg/Chemical Reactor}} DEPRECATED Chemical Reactor GregTech
{{Cg/Coke Oven}} Coke Oven Railcraft
{{Cg/Compressor}} Compressor IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Crafting Table}} Crafting Table Vanilla Minecraft
{{Cg/Distillery}} Distillery Witchery
{{Cg/Distillery/GregTech}} Distillery GregTech
{{Cg/Electrolyzer}} Electrolyzer IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Enhancer}} Enhancer The Mists of RioV 2
{{Cg/Essence Refiner}} Essence Refiner Ars Magica 2
{{Cg/Extractor}} Extractor IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Fermenter}} Fermenter IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Fermenter/GregTech}} GregTech Fermenter GregTech
{{Cg/Fluid Canner}} Fluid Canner GregTech
{{Cg/Fruit Press}} Fruit Press Extra Trees
{{Cg/Furnace}} Furnace Vanilla Minecraft
{{Cg/Fusion Reactor}} DEPRECATED Fusion Reactor GregTech
{{Cg/Implosion Compressor}} DEPRECATED Implosion Compressor GregTech
{{Cg/Induction Smelter}} Induction Smelter Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Industrial Blast Furnace}} DEPRECATED Industrial Blast Furnace GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Centrifuge}} DEPRECATED Industrial Centrifuge GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Electrolyzer}} DEPRECATED Industrial Electrolyzer GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Grinder}} DEPRECATED Industrial Grinder GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Sawmill}} DEPRECATED Industrial Sawmill GregTech
{{Cg/Inscriber}} Inscriber Applied Energistics 2
{{Cg/Kettle}} Kettle Witchery
{{Cg/Lathe}} DEPRECATED Lathe GregTech
{{Cg/Liquid Transposer}} Liquid Transposer Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Macerator}} Macerator IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Magma Crucible}} Magma Crucible Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Metal Bender}} Bending Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Metal Former}} Metal Former IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Molecular Transformer}} Molecular Transformer Advanced Solars
{{Cg/Ore Washing Plant}} Ore Washing Plant IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Plate Bending Machine}} DEPRECATED Plate Bending Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Plate Cutting Machine}} DEPRECATED Plate Cutting Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Redstone Furnace}} Redstone Furnace Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Printing Factory}} DEPRECATED Printing Factory GregTech
{{Cg/Pulverizer}} Pulverizer Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/QED}} QED Extra Utilities
{{Cg/Recycler}} Recycler IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/RioV Anvil}} Anvil The Mists of RioV
{{Cg/Rock Crusher}} Rock Crusher Railcraft
{{Cg/Rolling Machine}} Rolling Machine Railcraft
{{Cg/Sawmill}} Sawmill Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Solid Canner}} Solid Canner IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Spinning Wheel}} Spinning Wheel Witchery
{{Cg/Squeezer}} Squeezer Forestry
{{Cg/Still}} Still Forestry
{{Cg/Thermal Centrifuge}} Thermal Centrifuge IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Thermionic Fabricator}} Thermionic Fabricator Forestry
{{Cg/Vacuum Freezer}} DEPRECATED Vacuum Freezer GregTech
{{Cg/Witch's Cauldron}} Witch's Cauldron Witchery
{{Cg/Witches Oven}} Witches Oven Witchery