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  • #BTM: Channel for the Better Than Minecon conventions.
  • #buildcraft: Channel for the BuildCraft mod.
  • #dmodtest: Dmodoomsirius testing channel. I read most messages in this channel.
  • #FTB: Channel for FTB. I check this frequently.
  • #FTB-Wiki: Channel for the official Wiki, which you are reading this on.
  • #FTB-Wiki-Dev: Channel for the Wiki's programming things.
  • #FTB-Wiki-recentchanges: Channel for the official Wiki's recent changes feed.
  • #GregTech: Channel for the GregTech mod.
  • #iChun: iChun's channel.
  • #Industrial-Craft: IndustrialCraft 2 channel.
  • #iPixeli: iPixeli's channel. I check this channel frequently, although there is very rarely any chat going on.
  • #Kihira: Kihira's channel.
  • #kirara: Channel for the kirara server network.
  • #LoveHeals: Kindness.
  • #Magneticraft
  • #MobiusStrip: ProfMobius's channel. I rarely check this.
  • #ModPackers: Channel for modpack development. I'm not sure why I'm even here.
  • #NotEnoughMods: Channel for the NotEnoughMods website. I check this regularly, though most of the chat is use of the ModBot bot.
  • #railcraft: Channel for the Railcraft mod.
  • #Razz: RazzleberryFox's "SECRET Hideout"
  • #RotaryCraft: Channel for Reika's mods.
  • #SatanicSanta: My personal channel.
  • #StevesCarts2: Channel for Steve's Carts. There is rarely chat going on here.
  • #stopmodreposts: Channel for the prevention of unauthorized redistribution of Minecraft mods via websites like 9minecraft, and the creation of the Minecraft Mod Public License v2.
  • #squeek
  • #TestPackPleaseIgnore: Channel for the Test Pack Please Ignore modpack.
  • #TheSteamTank: Channel for the Esteemed Innovation Team.
  • #treecapitator: Channel for bspkrs's mods. I check this channel regularly, though most of the chat is use of the Shocky bot.
  • #vazkii: Vazkii's personal channel.
  • #witchery: Channel for the Witchery mod.