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Tuberous Jetpack

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Tuberous Jetpack

ModSimply Jetpacks
Tooltip textClever! But not survivable.
RF use45 RF/t
RF storage1200 RF

The Tuberous Jetpack is a Redstone Flux-powered (RF) Tier 0 Jetpack added by Simply Jetpacks. Attempting to fly with it will fail for the first few jumps, but once started it will blast the player a few dozen blocks into the air, quickly consuming the Jetpack's RF, until it runs out of energy, when it explodes. The explosion of the Jetpack will trigger random Fireworks, as well as kill the player with the death message "<playername> attempted to fly a potato." The explosion will also drop a Baked Potato.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Tuberous Jetpack does not need to, nor can, be recharged.