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In version 2.1.0 of Twilight Forest, a configurable option was added to toggle a linear progression in the mod, which can be enabled by toggling the gamerule tfEnforcedProgression to true/false. Bosses and dungeons will be in a set order. Attempting to visit areas and dungeons out of order will be prevented by barriers or detrimental effects. In version 2.3.4 the /tfprogress command was added which can skip certain progressions however it will not grant certain items associated with bosses which might still be needed.

Not all dungeons and bosses are linear. Hedge Mazes, Hollow Hills, Quest Groves, Mushroom Castles, Leaf Dungeons, and small areas are not included in the progression. These areas can be completed and looted on sight, rather than having to complete other dungeons before.

Avoiding progression[edit | edit source]

Getting out of the progression system can have several effects that help to push players back into the system.

  • Area Protection: Dungeons and other areas that are locked will be protected. Blocks will be unbreakable, chests will be locked, and monsters will not take damage.
  • Biome Protection: Biomes may be completely protected as well as areas or dungeons. When the player is in a protected biome, tendrils will appear on the edges of the screen. There is more information on each individual biome further below in the guide.

Progression[edit | edit source]

The first part of progressing through the mod is creating the Twilight Forest portal. Creating a base in the dimension is suggested, but not required. Magic Maps and minimap mods are useful for locating dungeons and biomes.

Forest[edit | edit source]

Main article: Twilight Forest (Biome)

The first bosses in the progression are spawned randomly in the forest. There can be more than one of these bosses on a single map, and killing more than one will not affect the progression.

Forest bosses are typically in the center of biomes.

Naga[edit | edit source]

Main article: Naga

The Naga can be found in the Naga Courtyard. When killed it drops Naga Scales and a Naga Trophy along with some other loot; touching a scale will allow the player to enter the Lich Tower.

Twilight Lich[edit | edit source]

Main article: Twilight Lich

The Twilight Lich can be found in the Lich Tower. Killing it and getting a scepter will allow the player to enter the swamp and its dungeons.

Swamp[edit | edit source]

Main article: Twilight Swamp

The next stage in Twilight Forest progression is the Twilight Swamp. The Twilight Lich must be defeated and its Scepter taken before entering this phase. Entering this stage before the Twilight Lich is defeated will inflict Hunger on the player.

Minoshroom[edit | edit source]

Main article: Minoshroom

The Minoshroom can be found in Labyrinths, which are found in the Twilight Swamp biome. Natural entrances can be found through caves or the small hills found in the surface that lead directly to the center. The goal of this dungeon is to kill the Minoshroom. Kiling it and eating one of the dropped Meef Stroganoff will allow the player to enter the Fire Swamp.

Hydra[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hydra

The Hydra can be found in the Hydra Lair in the middle of a Fire Swamp. Killing it and obtaining Fiery Blood from it will allow the player to enter the Dark Forest.

Dark Forest[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dark Forest

The third stage in Twilight Forest progression is the Dark Forest biome. Added to its already extreme darkness, players will have Blindness inflicted on them unless they have defeated the Hydra first. This can be circumvented if the player is wearing a helmet enchanted with Night Vision.

Knight Phantom[edit | edit source]

Main article: Knight Phantom

The Knight Phantom can be found in the Goblin Knight Stronghold underneath Dark Forests. Before being able to enter the stronghold, the player must find a room with a Trophy Pedestal. On the pedestal, they must place any trophy. When placed down the shield around the stronghold will be removed.

The player then needs to go through the stronghold until the Knight Phantom is found. When killed it will allow access to the Dark Tower.

Ur-ghast[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ur-ghast

The Ur-ghast can be found in the Dark Tower found in the middle of the Dark Forest. It is found at the top of the tower, along with many other monsters, such as Carminite Ghastlings, Towerwood Borers, and Carminite Golems. Killing it will allow the player to continue to the snowy biomes. Its fiery tears must be dropped and picked back up in order to progress.

Snowy Forest and Glacier[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Snowy Forest and Glacier (Twilight Forest)

The fourth stage in Twilight Forest progression is in the Snowy Forest and Glacier biomes. If entered before completing previous stages, the player will freeze and move much slower than in other biomes.

Alpha Yeti[edit | edit source]

Main article: Alpha Yeti

The Alpha Yeti is found in the Yeti Lair, in the center of Snowy Forest biomes. There are four natural entrances. Inside the lair are many Yeti packs. Killing the Alpha Yeti and obtaining the Alpha Yeti Fur will unlock the Glacier biome.

Snow Queen[edit | edit source]

Main article: Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is found in the Aurora Palace, located in Glacier biomes. When conquered, the player will be able to move onto the final stages of progression.

Final stages[edit | edit source]

There are three final stages of progression: Troll Cave, Thornlands, and Castle.

Troll[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Cave Troll and Giant Miner

The Cave Troll and Giant Miner can be found in the Troll Cave and Cloud Cottage respectively. To complete this achievement, the player must obtain the Lamp of Cinders. Once the Lamp is acquired, the player can move on to the next stage.

Thorns[edit | edit source]

Main article: Thornlands

The Thornlands stage is the final functioning stage in Twilight Forest. It is completed by obtaining either a Thorns block, or a Green Thorns block. This allows the player to move onto the final stage of progression.

Final Castle[edit | edit source]

Main article: Final Castle

The Final Castle is the final stage of progression in Twilight Forest. There is currently no boss implemented.