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UV Light Box (PneumaticCraft:Repressurized)

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UV Light Box


The UV Light Box is a machine added by PneumaticCraft:Repressurized. It uses Pressure to process Empty PCB into Unassembled PCB.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • The UV Light Box can hold up a 5 Bar Pressure maximum, and needs a 1 Bar Pressure minimum to work.
  • The base Air consumption is 2mL/tick when the machine is processing.
  • The user has to put or pipe an Empty PCB (side doesn't matter) to start processing.
  • The UV Light Box needs 10 minutes to make the Empty PCB have a 100% chance to make an Unassembled PCB.
  • Through the GUI, the machine can be configured to emit Redstone when the PCB's success chance is higher than 70%, 80%, 90% or equal to 100%.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Main article: Upgrades (PneumaticCraft:Repressurized)
Upgrade Description Actual Effect
Volume Upgrade Adds 5L more air capacity for each upgrade inserted. Adding volume upgrades will increase the air that can be stored, causing a pressure drop. Removing upgrades will keep the pressure constant, losing air from the machine. The machine can store more air, so will lose less Pressure when processing.
Security Upgrade Adds a built-in Safety Valve Tube to the pneumatic machine. The pressure can't excess the machine's threshold, releasing extra air.
Speed Upgrade The UV lights will glow brighter and will expose PCB's quicker. SpeedFactor = 1.5^(Speed Upgrade amount)

AirConsumptionFactor = 1.8^(Speed Upgrade amount) mL/tick