Ur-Ghast Trophy

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Ur-ghast Trophy

ModTwilight Forest
TypeSolid block

The Ur-ghast Trophy is a block from the Twilight Forest mod. This block is a decorative item obtained by slaying the Ur-ghast. It appears as a small version of the Ur-ghast's body, tentacles and all. When right-clicked, the Ur-ghast Trophy will make the same sound as an Ur-ghast, but with a higher pitch. If the Ur-ghast has been slain, it can be used on a Trophy Pedestal. For decorative purposes, the Ur-ghast Trophy can be worn in the Helmet slot, giving the player the same head as the Ur-ghast's body, though it does not give any additional benefits to wearing it.

An Ur-ghast Trophy on a Trophy Pedestal.