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Hey look, it's my page. How exciting. Here's also my page in IC2 land: CLICKY

Stuffs I done did for everybodies: Clickity

Stuff I'll probably use at some point[edit | edit source]

Crafting Stuffs Smelting Stuffs Others

List of things that should get done (by me)[edit | edit source]

  • Finish IC2 navbox, nearly done that now actually
  • Fix missing things off IC2 navbox
  • Update the IC2 Tilesheet - Done, but Retep's breaking things - He's stopped since all of Rust is broken. (Should've used a proper language)
  • Push Santa or Retep to get round to adding all the missing bits on the tilesheet (since it should work now)
  • Push Retep (or Santa) to get the other 6 backlogged tilesheets on Retep's talk page - Done
  • Get to work on IC2 pages, that'll happen soonTM - Work has started ;)
  • Continue to work on IC2 pages, there's a lot by the way
  • Ignore Retep's changing of Copper Cable (
  • Make Universal Fluid Cell tank generating template - Done
  • Finish IC2 Getting Started page - Moved onto separate new structure to keep pages actually loading.
  • Make new Getting Started Pages. - Changed name, but the basic structure is there
  • Continue on the IC2 Guide
  • Rename all the Getting Started (IndustrialCraft 2) pages to IndustrialCraft 2/Guide or something of the sort - Done
  • Get working on all the other IC2 tutorial pages
  • Update current IC2 pages, they'll get in the way otherwise
  • Continue to suffer updating the Gregtech changelog IC2 version (is much worse) at least once every day (pretty much) - Meh, IC2 updates have slowed down
  • Help with the Gregtech pages - I have enough with IC2 (and other addons) to do
  • Help with some other IndustrialCraft 2 addons, and ExtrabiomesXL
  • Get textures for Compact Solars
  • Update the two different Advanced Machines
  • Make IC2 dev team page
  • Sort out the mess that is RedPower 2, Project Red and BluePower all having overlapping links
  • Fix all the G? links on all IC2 pages, try to catch all the IndustrialCraft 2 addons too.
  • Use G? fixing time to update pages as I go along
  • ExtrabiomesXL should be ok, but that'll need checking as well. - G? is gone, updating the pages never happened though
  • Maintain doom templates (Panic and Panic Bar) until G? usage is gone
  • Add legacy things to Factorization Navbox (This onto this.) - Done, all good.
  • Poke Retep to finally get his bot working so it can do all the boring stuff I need doing - As if Retep remembers how to wiki anymore
  • Poke Retep to finally get himself working on Xbony to do the tilesheets I want/need
  • Look into adding IC2 Classic onto the wiki - IndustrialCraft 2 Classic
  • Ironically think about moving IC stuff off the Minecraft wiki onto here
  • GT 1 Navbox - In progress
  • GT 2 Navbox
  • GT 3 Navbox
  • Ignore "Retep's" instructions to get Rust and do tilesheets myself
  • Change doom templates (Panic and Panic Bar) to not just be stuck on G? (since it's all gone now) - Done
  • Something semi-important that I forgot
  • Aether (Mod) Navbox - In progress - Done
  • Modloader page
  • ModloaderMP page
  • AudioMod page
  • Player API page
  • ShockAhPI page
  • Aether Extended page
  • Artefacts page
  • Aether Fix page
  • Aether Modifications page
  • No Aether Block Intercepts page
  • TMI page
  • Go through TMI and NEI twice to get all the Aether textures (ideally 1.2.5 would have everything, but I'm sceptical to whether it does) - Done, 1.2.5 had all but one item
  • Patch up the pages Spieger makes (if they need it)
  • Thoughtfully think about how making a template would make crossing things off so much easier - Done, it would. Not going to though.
  • Think about doing Traincrafty stuff
  • Cross off pages on the list (that've been fixed)

  • Think of other things I should do
  • Do them too

Feel your day get better, as you see the time and effort put into this.


Hey look at this text you can't look at, how great huh?