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Just a simple guy, who loves Minecraft, mods, and wikis.

History[edit | edit source]

Started off playing 1.7.10 mods, watching YouTubers such as SSundee, CaptainSparklez, and VintageBeef. Left the Minecraft scene after around 2017, now getting back into it in mid-2019 with 1.12.2 mods and modpacks. Currently playing SkyFactory 4, also have a game of Enigmatica 2: Expert that I will get back into once done with SkyFactory.

What I Want to Document(1.12.2 only)[edit | edit source]

Mod Name Current Version Last Version Updated Status CurseForge link
Dimensional Edibles 1.3.1 1.3.1 Done! Link
Barrels, Drums, Storage & More 0.0.24 0.0.24 Done! Link
Chance Cubes Adding reward information Link
TelePastries 0.3.4 N/A Not started Link
Mob Grinding Utils 0.3.13 N/A Not started Link