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About Me

I am a active member on the FTB Wiki. My real name is Matt, but I my usernames are usually DarkLord Projects, DarkIron987, or DarkLord987. I spend most of my time working on tech YouTube videos and modpacks for FTB. I try to be as active as possible on the wiki too. My favorite mods are Forestry and Botania which I recently started enjoying more. I do have a life outside of my PC, so if I ever am gone for a long time it is most likely school or an issue in my life. If you are curious what my modpacks are they are the following: Drone Pack, Action Pack, and a WIP no name pack. You can also see all of my videos at

FTB Wiki

I am currently working on some small things here and there. My main goal though is to fix the Forestry section. I heard how the last Forestry team crashed and I offered to help fix it. There were some big things missing like the Bee House item which I then added. Also, there are no guides just facts. I am trying to create some Foresty guides which can help out people who have no clue what they are doing. Here is my Bee Guide at the moment