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Botania Curator

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Hi. I'm Hubry and I'm just filling some gaps in this wiki.

You can find me on the wiki Discord, otherwise my talk page is a good place to contact me.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Document Botania - mostly done:
    • Removed content (I think I only need the Excaliber now, it is not even in the tilesheet and I forgot about it. Also old functions of the flugel eye)
    • Write a new Botania guide
    • Redo some old pages (there shall be always one)
    • Advancements
    • Quat's addons, Incorporeal and Botania Tweaks. He will surely appreciate me throwing more numbers around Kappa.png
  • Document Astral Sorcery:
    • Literally everything?
    • Starlight network info.
    • Add some stuff to navbox, like the eclipses and stuff.
  • Psi: Spell stats/costs, because SirMoogle didn't dig in code for that. :P
  • Thaumcraft 6 - literally everything too, but I actually have some motivation.
    • Status effects in navbox
  • Other mods in WikiPack 3?

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Temporary links for sandboxes used for templates and stuff. These are listed here mostly as a reminder and for quick navigation.

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this is here just because I want this thing handy as I don't remember the name of it