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This is a guide on getting started with Botania.

Note: this guide assumes that you are using a version of Botania for 1.10 or newer. If you're using a version for 1.7, see the legacy guide, though most of this guide should apply as well.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Manual[edit | edit source]

The Lexica Botania is the mod's in-game manual, containing all necessary information to progress. It can be crafted or found in loot chests. It also contains a basic tutorial, accessible under the entry "A Tutorial of the Basics" in the first section. You can also view the contents of the Lexica online here.

Shift right-clicking with the Lexica when looking at a block will open it on the relevant page when looking at a Botania block. Same can be done with vanilla blocks or other modded blocks to open a relevant wiki page on the Minecraft Wiki, this wiki, or the mod's wiki.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Botania adds 16 colors of Mystical Flowers growing around the world. They are used to make 16 colors of Mystical Petals, which are a basic component of many recipes.

If you can't find any flowers of the one color, you can use Bone Meal and dyes to make Floral Fertilizer, which can be applied to Dirt or Grass Blocks to create 4 random mystical flowers. You can also get more petals of one color by planting them on Dirt or Grass and applying Bone Meal on them. This grows Tall Mystical Flowers, which must be harvested with Shears but make twice as many petals.

Other resources you'll need to start the mod are Wood and Stone, any type of seeds, Iron, and small amounts of Gold and either Ender Pearls or Diamonds.

The Basics[edit | edit source]

The first block to craft is the Petal Apothecary, which is used to create new flowers out of petals and seeds.

To use the apothecary, fill it with a Water Bucket, throw the required items in, then finish the recipe by throwing any seeds in.

The first flower you will need is the Pure Daisy, which converts surrounding blocks.

Pure Daisies converting Wood and Stone into Livingwood and Livingrock.

Plant the flower on dirt and place logs or stone around the flower. After about a minute, the blocks will be transformed into Livingwood and Livingrock respectively. You should get at least 16 of each.

Now that you have Livingwood and Livingrock, you can finally start messing with Mana. To proceed further, you need a source of Mana - a generating flower like the Endoflame or Hydroangeas, a way to move the Mana out of the flowers - a Mana Spreader, and something to store the Mana - a Mana Pool. In addition, a Wand of the Forest is a tool for viewing, configuring and activating various blocks and flowers.

Basic Mana production[edit | edit source]

An example of an automated Endoflame setup, dropping Coal with an Open Crate to feed it to one flower. This contraption can support multiple flowers.
An example of a simple Hydroangeas setup - 4 flowers consuming water from a single infinite source.

Finally, you can start making Mana. The two initial options are the Endoflame, which consumes furnace fuels dropped nearby to produce Mana, and the Hydroangeas, which consumes water source blocks. While the Hydroangeas requires less maintenance, as it can be placed next to an infinite water source, it produces less Mana than the Endoflame and it is the only flower that decays - after 3 in-game days, or a real time hour, it will wither and turn into a dead bush, making it not suitable for long-term use.

Place a Mana Spreader and a Mana Pool, then bind the spreader to the pool by shift-right clicking the spreader with the Wand of the Forest in Bind Mode, then shift-right clicking the pool with the wand. Place the flower - it should automatically link to the nearest spreader in its range. If you placed the flower before the spreader, link it manually to the spreader in the same way you linked the spreader to the pool. Then, provide the flower with fuel - if you performed correctly, the spreader should start collecting Mana from the flower, then shooting a Mana burst towards the pool.

You can see the stored amount of Mana in pools, spreaders and flowers, as well as their linked block, by looking at them with the Wand of the Forest. Right click the block with the wand to refresh the Mana display.

It is recommended to make multiple flowers, as their Mana generation rate is very low compared to later options.

Infusing with Mana[edit | edit source]