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New Bee Page:

TODO LIST[edit | edit source]

  • Create pages for the following:
  • Industrial Coil
  • Lava Smeltery
  • Pulse Jet Furnace
  • Compactor
  • Magnetizing Unit
  • Finish RotaryCraft Getting Started section: getting tungsten re-write
  • Create Expanded Redstone Tilesheet
  • Begin rudimentary coding of C# general use bot. (Is not web-enabled, and only works client side. Would be used to automate things like opening pages and typing out generic infobox code, whilst also checking any pages I create for important code I might've missed (The main one being the languages bar among others).
  • Finish Shaft Unit page edit. (Need to add Bedrock Shaft Unit recipe. NOTE: It uses the blast furnace, so use the template).
  • Figure out why the strikethrough html code bugs out when I try to use it...
  • Resonance Stability Upgrade halving RF used is wrong, consult this page: It needs to be recalculated to give the actual values of efficiency.
  • When V12 is released, update the Upgrades (RotaryCraft) Page to include the new RF values for Magnetostatic Engines. Refer to excel workbook for specific values.
  • Verify if the Yeast reference to being able to be used in GrowthCraft fermentation barrels is correct.

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Experimenting With Math Extension[edit | edit source]

The temperature formula for the Friction Heater is 12*log2(torque)*log2(speed) + 30.

Recipe Experimentation Area[edit | edit source]