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Intro[edit | edit source]

Bilingual Cantonese/English speaker here with a passion for documenting items from games like Minecraft and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The mods I'm most interested in are those related to Thaumcraft 4, so I'll be editing pages related to it. Pages related to mods that are also included in Crackpack will also be worked on.

If anyone has any modpacks to recommend, particularly those with lots of magic, please let me know! 😁

Current TODO List[edit | edit source]

Since most of the Thaumcraft 4 pages have been completed (and I'm just waiting for the tilesheets for addons like Thaumic Bases and Witching Gadgets to become available, not to mention a few more aspects from Forbidden Magic), I'll be going through the backlog and clearing as much of it as possible.

Now that those tilesheets are released I'll be working on those addons once I play around with them a bit more. Eventually.

I've also gained a new appreciation for Psi, so when further tilesheets are released for it I'll put out some more info on spell pieces. Done. May think about doing Spell Piece costs, but it seems unlikely.

WIPs[edit | edit source]

Give me a nudge if these are around for an abnormally long amount of time.

Subpages[edit | edit source]