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About Me

I'm sokratis12GR aka Sokratis Fotkatzikis, a 18 years old student which loves coding and learning stuff. I also love to play video games, and I don't have a main game, my entire game list can be found here

There is also a page for me and my modding sokratis12GR. My main goals are:

1. Create some awesome and enjoyable for the users mods

2. Build from the ground up a tech company called: [SoFoDev Games].

3. Receive my Computer Science bachelor degree.

I'm now known as SoFoDev

I was formally a member and one of the founders of TheDragonTeam

ArmorPlus Curator

This page is my Main Wiki Page.

My Bots

SokratisBot Sofobot

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Contact[edit | edit source]

You can contact with me via multiple ways, one of the ways is to join the #FTB-Wikiconnect were I spend some of my time.

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IRC[edit | edit source]

I can also be found on the IRC in these channels

  • #FTB-Wiki
Reddit[edit | edit source]

I can also be found on the Feed the Beast Reddit Forums With my username: sokratis12GR

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If you want to know ^^ .

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