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WIP Wiki Pages a.k.a Procrastination Area[edit | edit source]

Contingency: Fire

ModArs Magica 2

Contingency: Health is an event triggered Shape. It will cause the spell to activate when its caster has 25% of . It can be found in the Occulus's Offense tab and requires an green Skill Point to be unlocked. Only one Contingency spell can be used at a time, if an new Contingency spell is activated then it will override the current activate Contingency spell.


ModArs Magica 2

WIP Ars Magica 2 starter guide/Testing Zone[edit | edit source]

Area of Effect

ModArs Magica 2
Ars Magica 2 Information
Occulus tabOffense
Skill PointGreen
Unrecognised parameter: compedium

Area of Effect (AoE) is a spell shape from the Ars Magica 2 mod. It will cause the spell to affect everything, except the caster, within a 3x3 radius. This can be increased by the Radius modifier or switching to a more powerful Casting Mode (applies only to Ars Magica 2- 1.1.x). It can be found on the Occulus' Offense tab and requires a green Skill Point to be unlocked.

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