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Hello. I am Xbony2 (he/him). I started playing Minecraft in 1.2.5, back when Nether Warts could only be grown in The Nether (it was better that way). In 1.4.2, I got into playing the Feed The Beast Beta Pack A, and later moved to the (Original) MindCrack Pack and then to FTB Ultimate plus a few mods (I moved my world over each time). I started coding and modding for the first time in 1.4.7, although my first projects didn't work out so well. I improved with time, and in 1.7.2 I created a working and somewhat decent mod called "Bitm" (Bony's Industrial Technology Mod), although it was never released. I did get into a few other projects; I helped port IC2 Nuclear Control to 1.7.2 and was the de facto maintainer of it (I've helped port a couple of other mods too, but none are as well-known as that one). When the author of my favorite mod, GregTech, announced he would use this wiki, the Feed The Beast Wiki, as GregTech's official wiki starting with GregTech 5, I decided to make it my official wiki as well for Nuclear Control. The FTB Wiki's IndustrialCraft 2 section was fairly incomplete (and still is... >.>), so I decided to work on it and go expand it. I got into documenting a few mods than I originally had meant, and in 2015 I ended up focusing more on documentation than modding. I've slowed down a lot recently but am still one of the wiki's biggest editors. I've developed a greater interest in wikis and documentation, and although I still focus on my home wiki (this wiki), I have sometimes contributed to other Gamepedia wikis and to other wikis in general. At the time of writing, I have more than 50,000 edits on this wiki, and plenty on other wikis, which is pretty cool. I can't really play modded Minecraft (and sometimes other games) without documenting stuff, which sometimes leads to the creation of very arbitrary pages.

Currently, I am semi-active on this wiki. I like it when people put stuff on my talk page, but if you do, you should probably point me towards it on Discord. I'm in college at the moment (even though all my classes are online, it's still a lot of work), and so will be pretty busy until late November (pending on the college changing plans), so my activity isn't very high. The time and inspiration I do have goes mainly towards administrative tasks, especially ones that editors without the access to wiki roles or experience can do, as well as helping others, rather than documenting newer mods.

Number of Wiki Articles: 26,331

Goal for 2020: be more active on the wiki (ramble here). Pass the wiki that shall not be named in article count?

Things I have done on this wiki:

Current focuses[edit | edit source]

There's so many things that need to be done, but unfortunately because of college I haven't had the time to do them. Because of that, and because I haven't caught with the modded community recently, most of my edits are maintenance-related. I hope to do more technical, administrative stuff (like finishing ESAEBSAD2) also when I get the spare time.

Mods that I kinda wanna document[edit | edit source]

This could be seen by some as a TODO list, but it's not all stuff that I'll necessarily get around to, but would like to. These aren't "reserved" by me or anything; if you ask me "hey bony what mods need documentation?" I might point you to this list (or say "all of them", which is more accurate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). These aren't in any order.

Contact[edit | edit source]

  • If you have a long message (longer than ten characters), the best place to put is on my talk page. I don't check it super often because wiki notifications are messy, so maybe ping me on discord that there's an update to the talk page. If you want me to do something or remember something later, than the talk page is better than the Discord.
  • And yeah, I'm on the FTB Wiki Discord. You should totally join it. I'm also on the Gamepedia/FANDOM Discord as well as a ton of various modded Minecraft Discords.

Languages[edit | edit source]

  • English: I'm a native speaker of English.
    • Dialect: American English. I have a mostly "neutral" American accent, but a very good listener/linguist might be able to pick out a bit of Southernness in it.
  • Spanish: I was learning Spanish in high school, and I took an accelerated beginner course last semester. I have been doing a decent amount of Duolingo also. I'm not sure if I will continue learning Spanish in the future or not, since I've dropped my intermediate Spanish class that I was going to take this semester.
    • Dialect: I never really got into Spanish enough to have a sense of its dialects. I use "tú" and "ustedes," and I suppose I'd try to use "usted" in formal situationst. It's reasonable to assume I speak with an American accent. I often pronounce the Spanish "b"/"v" like an English "v," and "y"/"ll" like an English "y" (like in "you" or "yeah").
  • Lojban: coi .i I've studied Lojban from reading the reference manual and contributing to Wiktionary, as well as doing a tiny bit of translation (Minecraft, here, Lojban Wikipedia). I lost the interest a while back though. "jbo-1" is a massive exaggeration.
  • Latin: I took Latin I online. I can translate some stuff with a dictionary and charts.
    • Dialect: Classical Latin. My pronunciation probably sounds like Spanish but a bit flatter (Latin isn't usually spoken though so it doesn't matter much). I've been trying to remind myself that "v" is pronounced like an English "w" but to little luck. I prefer SOV.
  • Esperanto: I studied some Esperanto on Duolingo, but I dislike the language and have stopped learning it. I'm kind of disappointed that it's the face of constructed languages (cough). I'm probably not going to return to it unless I get a written note that it impresses babes.
  • Ukrainian: I don't really know any Ukrainian, but I intend to learn at least a little bit someday. Maybe I'll study Russian off of that.

My subpages[edit | edit source]

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See User:Xbony2/DPL/Navboxes made by me Plus re-created navboxes:

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This was rescued from the official Technic Wiki before it was destroyed (RIP).

FTB Wiki skins[edit | edit source]

The FTB Wiki has gone through a lot of different skins. This is a list of them.

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Old archives.

I'm a bisexual dude. If you didn't know before, now you know.

This was made by Ellpeck and it's pretty cool.