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Be it PaladinOne, Paladin One, or PaladinAHOne, I am a man of many (similar) names. I'm a permanent inhabitant of the GregTech forum thread, I've been a GregTech beta tester and documentation guy for two years (and was originally brought here for that reason), and when I'm not playing League or DOTA, I'm being an indiscriminate syntax collector and vigilante taxonomist. At present I'm mostly writing based on individual requests. I am also the operator of User:AutoPaladinOne, a semi-automated bot used for mass formatting changes.

Also apparently I'm a staff member. Hayo.

Things I have done:

  • Got promoted to Staff for some good reason apparently
  • Indiscriminate improvements to GregTech pages, sometimes even with math
  • Semi-indiscriminate improvements to pages about other mods
  • Several hundred deletions of a template that doesn't exist anymore because we deleted it
  • Most of the RotaryCraft pages
  • Several RotaryCraft crafting grid templates
  • Documentation for RotaryCraft crafting grid templates
  • All of Progressive Automation
  • All of Thermal Dynamics
  • Arbitrary tilesheet uploads
  • Re-wrote the Crafting Grid Guide
  • At Peter's request, wrote the Tilesheet Update Guide
  • Copy edited the Manual of Style
  • Broke translations for 4 pages
  • Described the FTB Wiki Staff members as having "incredibly weird sleeping patterns" (and been quoted for it)
  • Yelled at Retep998 over Module:Navbox/GregTech, among other things, calling them badly designed or implemented
  • Not intentionally flirted with any other staff members in IRC (yet)

In the real world, I have many ties to the realm of live theatre. As such, on occasion I may all but vanish for a month as a result of a show hitting.

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