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Interwiki links[edit source]

Hello and welcome to the FTB Wiki. Thank you for putting in the time to update the GT6 documentation. I noticed in your latest update you had a few links to the Minecraft Wiki. Did you know we have interwiki prefixes so instead of doing Extreme Hills you can do Extreme Hills instead? 🐇Retep998🐇🐰Bunny Overlord🐰 03:14, 22 August 2018 (UTC)

Good catch. I was so intent on separating the functional edits from the UX contributions, and the making sure each link was actually being helpful, that it entirely slipped my mind interwiki links might have such a shorthand. Canis Artorus (talk) 02:50, 28 August 2018 (UTC)

Discord or IRC[edit source]

Do you use Discord or IRC? If so, it would be really cool if you could hang out with us. 🐇Retep998🐇🐰Bunny Overlord🐰 02:43, 29 August 2018 (UTC)