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EU use3,333 EU/use
EU storage3,000,000 EU

The Vajra is an electric mining tool from GraviSuite. It stores a maximum of 3,000,000 (3 million) Energy Units (EU). Each operation costs 3,333 EU. When used on a block, it will mine the block, dropping its standard drops. In Silk Touch mode, only a right-click will return the Silk Touch drop. Breaking the block normally will return the standard drops regardless of mode. The Vajra only has a mining level of Obsidian, so it will instantly break blocks at a Cobalt mining level without dropping any blocks. Most blocks from Draconic Evolution require a Cobalt-level pickaxe, so use great care. It cannot be repaired or enchanted.



Using the mode switch key with the Silk Touch Mode enabled in the configuration file will switch its mode between Silk Touch Mode and Normal Mode.