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Vinteum Ore

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Vinteum Ore

ModArs Magica 2
TypeSolid block
Mining levelIron or above
Ars Magica 2 Information
Discovered in a small village where a creeper was knocked down a drained well, Vinteum Ore was quickly realized to be a valuable magical powder once cooked inside a furnace.

Vinteum Ore is block added by Ars Magica 2. It will drop 1-4 pieces of Vinteum Dust when mined with an pickaxe tiered Iron or above.

Vinteum Ore is found at a Y level of 39 or lower.

Processing[edit | edit source]

Breaking the Ore with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch will cause it to drop itself instead of its dust counterpart. The ore can be processed with the method show below.