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Void Metal Essentia Smeltery (Thaumcraft 5)

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This page is about the Void Metal Essentia Smeltery added by Thaumcraft 5. For other uses, see Void Metal Essentia Smeltery.
Void Metal Essentia Smeltery

ModThaumcraft 5
Previous tier

The Void Metal Essentia Smeltery is a block added by Thaumcraft 5. It is an upgrade of the Thaumium Essentia Smeltery, and has 95% efficiency rather than 85%. However, it will break down items into Essentia not as fast as the Thaumium Essentia Smeltery, although still at a rate faster than the regular Essentia Smeltery.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

The Void Metal Smeltery works much like the basic smeltery, but it has roughly 95% efficiency instead of 80%.
It breaks down essentia slurry slightly quicker than the basic smeltery, but not nearly as fast as the thaumium smeltery.